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The Best Balloon Shooter game out there.

Balloon Shooter - an exciting Bow and Arrow shooting game, shoot the balloons to win rewards and unlock amazing powers.

Balloon shooter provides a challenging game play of arrow shooting and bursting balloons before they go out of your reach.

Though a casual game Balloon Shooter needs strategy do not a single balloon leaves your sight. Trust yourself and be the highest on the global scoreboards.

Do not hesitate, start throwing arrows now! you will become a master in no time.

How to play Balloon Shooter:
Touch the string of the Bow and Arrow will appear. Stretch the string to provide the power to the arrow and aim towards the balloons flying by.
The more Balloons you pop the more powers you can unlock like sound Wave and Electricity Bolts to boost your high score and come out at the top of leader-board.

Why Play Balloon Shooter:
*very easy touch and stretch mechanics!
*A casual strategic game!
*As time increases the speed of the balloons increases making the game more challenging!
*Buy and Enjoy power ups by exchanging Balloons you popped .
*Master the game and be on top of the world leader boards.

Time to throw some arrows and pop those balloons! Be the greatest masters of the Bow and Arrow!

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*** Balloon Shooter in the best Bow and Arrow out there.

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