The Character Can be Controlled by "UP" and "Down" arrow Key. Use up Key to jump. you can use "P" key to Pause and Unpause the game.

 Crieria:     Implementation
a)  Endless Runner      You have to run endlessly through the castle   Forrest and avoid obstacles and animals  enjoy the Parallax view of the forest
b) Happy     Collect coins throughout the stage to make  the player Happy and Satisfied
c) Chip tune               Listen to the happy 8 bit tune to make you  fall in love with your younger self again
d) Hyper Active     As you accomplish more and more, and go further into the game The speed of the game  will increase

Game made for JamGoJam | JamDNA15 , Made in two days with Unity.

Castle Run

In game


Castle run is a retro styled endless runner 2d platform scroll game. Run Endlessly and beat your own high score every time you run. The Game has parallax style background which take you into the depth of the game and endless playing hours. 

Challenge yourself every time you play. 


Tushar Sehgal : Lead Programmer and Designer.

Freesound,com : Form Sounds

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